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Olivier Martelly

A Travel Blog

Olivier Martelly has loved traveling since he was young.

Olivier Martelly is a devoted husband and the father of two children. As a talented artist and music producer, Oliver has spent the last decade creating world-class concerts and shows, while founding the music production company, Big O Productions. Growing up in a musically talented family, Olivier experienced music his entire life and some of his best memories are traveling to his father’s concerts.

Olivier has been making music since 2000 and in 2007, he formed Big O Productions, a music and concert production company to help other talented musicians. Currently serving as the director of Big O Productions, Olivier is able to combine his passion for music production, along with his business and entrepreneurial spirit. During his time with Big O Productions, Olivier has had the privilege of working with other major talented recording artists, including Sean Kingston, Lil Wayne, and Chris Brown. 

In addition to producing music and large-scale concerts, Olivier is devoted to philanthropic projects that help serve and have a positive impact on the people of Haiti. Committed to giving back and creating opportunities for others, Olivier served as an ambassador for Soccer for Change, a  project that helped build soccer fields for the youth of Haiti, creating safe places for children to play the beautiful game of soccer. Today, Olivier continues to involve himself in philanthropic work and is grateful for the chance to help others.

Olivier enjoys spending time with his beautiful family and traveling throughout the world. Some of his favorite experiences are hiking and exploring the outdoors with his family. One of Olivier’s favorite places to travel in Miami, Florida, where he enjoys the food, weather, and music culture. Throughout his travel blog, Oliver will share best practices for traveling and some of his favorite destinations and why.


Olivier’s Favorite Trips